Collaboration is Key

As an SEO and PPC analyst knows, we live in a world of constant change. New algorithm updates, new platforms, and new tools become available almost daily. There’s always something that launches and some tool which does a certain task better.¬†With that being said, there’s always someone who has more insights into a tool, task, or search update more so than you would. Understandably so, right?

One of the things that makes someone a really good SEO or PPC specialist is knowing their limitations — knowing their faults and weaknesses.¬†They know what they really excel at and what they need extra help with.

There are some tasks which I absolutely kill it in, and some which I’d like a 2nd set of eyes on to provide clarity or verification. An example of such is when I have to review a website for technical limitations or load times. An SEO with a tech background would be stronger at this than I would – someone coming from a non-technical, but marketing background. I can do this task, however I feel more comfortable when someone who specializes in this task can help me out. Stands to reason, right?

Many people over look this simple thing in an effort to get the project in and out the door quickly or out of fear that they are bothering a teammate. Not the case – the quality of your work and outcome will always overcome deadlines and budget.

Take a step back – make a small list and keep it in Excel, who is good at what or a better way of saying this is; what skill or (computing) language is this person strongest in? This way, when a project comes through which aligns with this skill set, you have a go-to resource – or internal Coach on a specific project.

The main take away is, if you are working internally and have a project – get it as far along as you feel comfortable with, and ask someone who you know excels at that particular task to give it a once over. It could be as small as a 15 minute review over Starbucks, and whatever they find wrong, have them explain it to you so that you learn something from the task.