Content Marketing

What is Content marketing?

The shift within the SEO community within the last several months (or years!) has been around creating and promoting good quality, keyword-rich content.  This is not to say that other SEO tactics (such as on-page and technical optimizations) are less important, but content marketing has captured more attention lately because there is so much flexibility with how you can do it, plus there are a lot of ways you can leverage it to drive people back to your site, make them aware of your products or services, and the ability to re-use content pieces in various forms is appealing across every industry.

Why should I do Content marketing?

People and companies alike should be doing content marketing because it allows them the get their message in front of a receptive audience which may not be aware of your site and/or product. Content marketing allows brands to be creative and try new things and to build relationships with site owners and bloggers within a particular industry. Content marketing can take many forms – such as guides, how to’s, product reviews, life hacks, and many, many more things. Content marketing should be included in every SEO campaign because it is easily share-able across social networks and it is a great way to not only drive traffic, but to build links (and referral traffic) back to your website.

Lionwish’s content marketing services include

  • Research rooted within various data sources – what should we be talking about and why?
  • Content creation – blog posts, new sections on your website and more
  • Forum participation
  • Website/blogger outreach
  • Linkedin/Facebook ads and promotion
  • Third-party management (Stumbleupon, outbrain, etc)
  • Twitter outreach, interaction, and #hashtag strategy
  • Relationship building with site owners
  • Niche site discovery
  • Frequency and timing of content
  • Website / forum Q&A
  • Analytics and linking assessment post-release (and interpretation of data/key learning’s)

How we are different

  • Our content strategy is unique to the client, vertical, budget, and desired reach
  • While we have a process / best practice list we follow, it’s good to deviate and test new strategies
  • Forward thinking – if we are creating a 2014 new product guide, we’ll gather intelligence to make our 2015 product guide even better
  • Relationships and trust – SEO is a moving target, if we fail to reach a goal, we’ll go back to the drawing board and figure out how to get us there
  • We’ve worked with many different industries and have learned from our experiences within each

Lionwish’s Other Internet Marketing Services

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