Email Marketing

What is Email marketing?

Email Marketing is directly marketing a commercial or informational message to a group of people using an email platform. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered a form of email marketing. Lionwish’s principles have managed campaigns with as little as 500 subscribers to well over a few million. Email marketing’s message is to syndicate news about the company or to announce a new product, or to promote an event or special deal.

Why do Email marketing?

Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool because people are opting in to receive information from you, so it’s important to make that messaging meaningful without being intrusive. Email marketing is a cost-effective way to directly reach your consumers. Many companies and/or organizations leverage email marketing as a component to their larger online marketing strategy as well by sending out email blasts during times when they are actively running an SEO campaign plus PPC/social media ads.

Lionwish’s email marketing services include

  • Account setup and creation – the basics!
  • Building subscribers and account growth
  • Adding email sign up forms to your website (or working with your developer if needed)
  • Template design and functionality build out
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Split testing creative headlines
  • Email marketing strategy and email timings
  • Email content creation and promotions
  • Email marketing to support other forms of digital strategies

How we are different

  • Lionwish has worked with a very large audience base (Over 2 million) to as small as a few hundred
  • Full lifecycle – We can handle campaign creation, email design and landing page optimization. Keeping everything in 1 place simplifies the process. If you know you want to try email marketing but don’t know where to turn, we can help you understand why you need it, how to manage the process, and what to expect
  • Tracking and frequency – different industries perform better at different times of the day and within certain windows. Lionwish understands the best times to connect with customers with it’s diverse client base
  • Pricing – Lionwish understands each email counts for small businesses looking to broaden their reach. Lionwish can customize low-cost templates to cut costs for clients on a budget
  • Keep things simple, be direct and use common language in reporting and on calls.

Lionwish’s Other Inetrnet Marketing Services

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