Internet Marketing Services

Lionwish is small, yet lean paid search, organic search and email marketing consulting firm located in Southern California. Our motto is keep things simple and believe that deliverables should be actionable, concise, and aim to make immediate impact. Having worked on “both sides of the fence” (client and agency side) we understand that lengthy, overly-complicated and overly wordy deliverables just clog the system.

a lionWe provide solutions. We are agile and can make changes on the fly. We make your life easier so you can focus on tackling the bigger picture. That’s what makes us different, and that’s what makes us better than a larger, slower-moving agency with multiple points of contact.

We believe the approach to interactive marketing should be nimble, and we enjoy tackling problems with creative solutions. We’re not afraid to say no, or afraid to tell you the bad news. People pay us to tell them the truth. We enjoy working with a variety of clients and seeing the long-term and lasting results of executing successful online marketing campaigns executed perfectly over time.


How much money should you spend, and what should you be doing online to reach the largest, most converting audience possible? We'll help solve this problem with data-driven solutions


Organic SEO is complex and ever changing. It's important to calibrate and chase strategies which will have the largest ROI. PPC or paid search is a model where advertisers pay only when people click on an ad and visit the website.


CRO is the process if fine tuning components on the website to make your current site work harder for you by manipulating small elements one at a time, such as changing the button color or call to action.


If you are an e-commerce client or a client which relies on leads (or form fills) as a conversion metric, re-marketing and display advertising can help drive enough traffic to reach conversion or sales goals cost-effectively.


Some clients only need a gentle nudge, while others need much more help and guidance along the way.

Lionwish offers a variety of online consulting services and digital strategy insights in order to boost online visibility and website traffic. We really enjoy doing the work, because every client is unique and in a different stage of maturity.

Matt has been involved in digital marketing and website design for over 15 years. Matt is the founder of Lionwish, starting the company in 2008.

Our goal now is not to be an "agency" per say, but to be a local marketing consultant who can pull the right levers to achieve results, or help you down the path of completing a project in the most cost effective manner possible through referrals or even by vetting and reviewing 3rd party proposals.

Before running Lionwish full time, Matt consulted for several leading advertising agencies doing SEO, PPC, and running social media campaigns. Matt also worked in-house and performed SEO plus managed vendors at Comcast Entertainment Group (Now NBC Universal) in Los Angeles.


Here's what we're good at (and what we're not), plus many ways we can work together.

Lionwish offers a variety of online consulting services and digital strategy insights in order to boost online visibility, website traffic, and sales. Often the best results are found when there's a collection of digital marketing efforts running at the same time, which all work together.

Examples of such include SEO to boost visibility, content marketing on other sites to capture additional readers, display banners on forums/blogs for awareness, email marketing to capture leads, and CRO to boost the conversion rate of the new traffic.

  • Hire Me and I can provide white-label services to your company/agency for as long as you need. I'm fine coming in off the bench and filling a gap while you source a new hire.
  • Monthly Retainer Need help for 2-3+ months and unsure what to do? No problem, I have you covered with a block of hours for a fixed cost. Let's talk.
  • Per Project Big redesign or product launch coming up and want a second set of trained eyes to oversee or instruct? Sounds good. Been there + done that probably a few hundred times.