Our Approach

Lionwish offers a variety of online consulting services and digital strategy insights in order to boost online visibility and website traffic. We really enjoy doing the work, because every client is unique and in a different stage of maturity.

Some clients only need a gentle nudge, while others need much more help and guidance along the way. Our core competencies involve strategy within the digital space and forming key partnerships with clients and business owners to achieve desired results, on time and within the budget window.

Matt Vild, has been involved in digital marketing and website design for over 15 years. Matt is the founder of Lionwish, starting the company in 2008 by accident. Just kidding, not by accident.

Before running Lionwish full time, Matt consulted for several leading advertising agencies doing SEO, PPC, and running social media campaigns. Matt also worked in-house and performed SEO plus managed vendors at Comcast Entertainment Group (Now NBC Universal) in Los Angeles.

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