Why Work With Us?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of SEO and PPC consultants, and every advertising agency under the sun is selling SEO and PPC services. It’s my opinion that many of these deliverables have become boilerplates with basic data entry, and then there’s very little – if any, critical thinking, and it seems like nobody takes a step back and questions the “why” in a project. Do we need this? What problem is this solving? Will they even look at this?

This isn’t to knock other agencies – but often times these boilerplates become byproducts of overworked staff working on dozens upon dozens of accounts, looking to fill in numbers on a timesheet to buff out a monthly project report. Every agency’s achilles heel seems to be reporting, which seems to be an endless time sync and there’s the ‘regroup’ meeting, then the meeting before the meeting, and then the hour long client meeting to read through a PowerPoint. With 7 people involved. And we’re out of budget.

We’re different because we believe in simplified reporting. We create what you need to see – nothing more. We spend our time on growing your account and thinking about fresh, new projects and what problems we can help you solve – not creating graphs of what we did 40 days ago. We only work with a certain amount of clients at any given time as well – this insures we spend time critically thinking and being proactive within the account(s) and have time to ask the “why” in every situation.

We also believe that meetings are a tremendous waste of time (there are exceptions to this of course), and should only happen when necessary (such as, we’re meeting in the attempt to solve a problem) and should be 30 minutes or less, ideally. By eliminating numerous internal meetings, we’ve freed up hours to work on projects which help drive ROI.

10 Reasons to work with Lionwish

  1. Team members who have been on the agency side, plus the client side. We understand what it’s like on both sides of the fence and understand what internal limitations you may be facing (legal, for example)

  2. This is my business, this is what I am choosing to do day in and day out. I am passionate about it. I’ve spent the last 7+ years working on growing, building, and managing clients. I’ve given up many nights, countless weekends, and remember working in my car on lunch breaks, in an airplane, in a gondola, talking to clients.

  3. Our goal is to make your life easier by solving problems on our own, and making intelligent decisions

  4. Every month, we create a fresh set of SEO or PPC-related projects, which are aimed at increasing your bottom line. Every business is different, and every company’s goals, budget, management, limitations, and vision are vastly different – so every month, for every client, there should be unique projects.

  5. Complete transparency in what we do

  6. We’ll help you down the road – for free. Forgot a login? Have a question? Need an old report to reference? No problem. It’s yours, we’re happy to help.

  7. Referrals. Could one of my clients help another in some capacity? As we’re doing research, if we come across something interesting for you, we’ll share.

  8. Custom reporting. What do you need to see? If you don’t need a 10 page PPT deck, you won’t get one. If a single PDF works, that’s what we’ll do.

  9. You talk directly to the people doing the work and we constantly ask questions and try to find a better, more efficient way of doing something (for you).

  10. The truth. You are paying us to provide you a service and we will be direct with you. We don’t control the algorithm, and every company has their “off” or slower months, so it stands to reason some months will be better than others. We are all about the what did we learn from this, and understanding how can we alter our strategy for future growth.

Client Testimonial

"Matt was extremely helpful in managing the SEO program for my website and YouTube videos during my book launch. From his optimization work, my firm was consistently in the first page of search results for the most commonly used search terms. My website traffic grew and my firm got new clients from Matt’s work. I highly recommend Matt."
Kathryn Ullrich
Author, Getting to the Top