Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should we use you as a vendor?

We spend our time on growing your account and thinking about fresh, new projects and what problems we can help you solve – not creating fancy charts or graphs of what we did 40 days ago. 

We only work with a certain amount of clients at any given time as well – this insures we spend time critically thinking and being proactive within the account(s) and have time to ask the “why” in every situation.

We also believe that meetings are a tremendous waste of time (there are exceptions to this of course), and should only happen when necessary (such as, we’re meeting in the attempt to solve a problem) and should be 30 minutes or less, ideally.

By eliminating unnecessary reporting, streamlining our process, and removing numerous internal meetings, we’ve freed up hours to work on projects which help drive ROI.

Is it just you?

I am the sole principal, however I have a network of agency partners I use and can manage directly, or introduce you to in order to solve problems and/or get work completed faster. 

My resources include content creators, developers, and account management and more.

How much do you charge?

Hourly rate is $125/hour, which aligns with my 15+ years of experience. This is still far cheaper than hiring a larger agency with 10+ people. The reason I can charge less but also bring as much experience to the table as I do is because I have no overhead (home office) and no unnecessary, or un-billable workers to account for (like HR professionals or accountants who don’t work on client work).

I like to work in hourly blocks of at least 5 hours per month on consulting projects, for at least 2-3 months. 

My “retainer” or monthly SEO packages start at $1500 and go all the way to $5000+ per month, and PPC management has an initial setup fee of roughly $2500, plus a monthly fee of 20% to manage. Everything includes basic reporting.

If you want to launch a small campaign targeting only a few terms, my setup fee can of course be modified to accommodate. I am extremely flexible on cost, project scope, and hours, as I understand price sensitivity and challenges. 

It’s best to just call me so we can talk about what you need as these are just bumper plates I like to stay between when discussing projects.

Do you have references?

Yes, of course. I can supply you with 2-3+ professional references who I have helped grow traffic and help to solve problems. Out of respect for their time, I would put you in contact with them when the time is appropriate to do so.

Do you have an office?

No. I work from a dedicated home office or the local coffee shop when I want to get out. I pass this cost savings on to clients by not having office overhead. If you are local in San Diego (OC/LA as well), I’m happy to come on-site as needed and work remotely and be involved where needed.

If we are partnering in a white-label capacity, I’m happy to come on-site where and when needed and be an extension of your team.

Can you build us a website?


Creating a website through WordPress and installing a customized theme has never been easier and you can create a fully functioning website now over a long weekend. There are many plugins and websites which offer solid stock assets to drastically reduce costs and improve the speed of creation. If you are a start up on a budget or an established company looking to re-brand and re-vamp, the options are endless!

Are you an agency? Or Trying to  be?


(Most) agencies are bloated, inefficient, and overly process driven. Some exist to fill out templates and deliver 50 page PDFs which do nothing. 

In my opinion, the starting points, budgets, and stakeholder bandwidth are vastly different for each and every company. I start by identifying the need, establishing a good cadence with calls/deliverables, and then fishing where the fish are per say, and expanding scope/services/goals once the ROI is achieved.