What is CRO (Conversion rate optimization)?

CRO or conversion rate optimization (sometimes just called conversion or goal optimization) is a process for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customers, or more generally, perform the desired action on a website such as submitting an email or calling a number.

An example of such may be if you are a car dealership and trying to obtain leads for people trying to buy cars from you. Say your website gets 10,000 visits a day and you are getting a .01% conversion rate. This means for every 10,000 people who visit your website, you would get 100 leads a day.

If the same website, which currently gets 10,000 visits a day, were to increase their conversion rate by .01% to .02% total, the same website would receive 200 leads a day while getting the same amount of traffic, thus doubling your potential for sales and earning more revenue for the same amount of traffic.

Often, small changes such as shortening lead forms, changing button colors, or rephrasing headlines can increase the conversion-events drastically.

Why do CRO?

If you are a small company or local business, there’s a chance you have hundreds of pages of rich content (or even tens of thousands!), and have plateaued with the amount of traffic is available for your keyword targets and brand name within the local area.

It makes sense to pursue CRO to make your current website (and content) work harder for you. Many companies pursue CRO because you can obtain more leads without drastically changing the integrity of the website or doing a heavy amount of content development OR website development.

CRO tools are often easily implemented and tests are developed quickly. The data collected from the tests allows for swift implementation and changes to the website are often minor (such as a button color).

Lionwish’s CRO services include

  • CRO software implementation
  • Analytics review and test page suggestions
  • CRO project development and ongoing management
  • Testing ideas and recommendations
  • Reporting

How we are different than other CRO Consultants

  • We understand the difficulties of implementation if you are a small business – we offer technical oversight and assistance throughout the entire campaign
  • Things change quick in search – we’re nimble and can adapt quickly
  • Immediate return – we start with testing and than optimizing pages that are the most profitable for your business
  • Project timelines – we can test and run projects over the course of 4-6 weeks, or run campaigns for 6 or more months.

Lionwish’s Other Internet Marketing Services

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