Paid Search Management

What is PPC (Pay-Per-Click)?

Paid Search (PPC or just called “Paid”) is the process of gaining traffic by purchasing ads which appear on search engines (On Google and/or Bing/Yahoo) on the first few pages of results. Paid search can be an effective marketing strategy for boosting visibility about your brand and/or to drive sales to a particular product or service. Paid search is often used when a new product, service, or during a new site launch to maximize exposure. Paid search marketing budgets range from $.05 per click to $50 per click for ultra competitive industries.

Concurrently, some people are able to be profitable with small, $10-$15 per day budgets while others spend several million per month. Budget are often determined by industry and what types of keywords you are targeting. Paid search management is the detailed process of managing budgets and earning clicks for the lowest possible cost, and driving the most amount of leads/sales (conversions) possible within the given budget.

Why do PPC?

Depending on the goal of the organization (leads, sales, page views, etc.), PPC can be an effective way to cheaply drive qualified traffic to a company’s website. If you are an ecommerce client or a client which relies on leads (or form fills) as a conversion metric, PPC can help drive enough traffic to reach conversion or sales goals cost-effectively. Often times, people run both PPC and SEO campaigns to obtain an extra slot within the search results pages, plus you can leverage the PPC data to make intelligent SEO decisions.

Lionwish’s paid search services include

  • Account setup and creation
  • Advising on monthly budgets and projected spend
  • Account re-structuring
  • Auditing accounts and competitive overviews – what to fix and why
  • Bid management and on-going strategy
  • Ad copy creation and optimization
  • Landing page assessment and a/b testing

How we’re different with PPC management

  • Lionwish has worked with a variety of companies (Including extremely competitive legal and pharmaceutical niches)
  • We have experience managing small, tight budgets from $500/month all the way up to $50,000 per month (And more)
  • Auditing and management – we excel at reviewing existing campaigns and “finding the hidden gems” that others may have overlooked. Often, just getting a 2nd set of eyes on something helps tremendously
  • Not sure where to start? Since we’ve worked with very large corporate accounts and small businesses, we can make expert recommendations as to the most efficient way to setup and launch a new account and what to expect
  • Hands on management and proactive thinking; never “set and forget”
  • Keep things simple, be direct and use common language in reporting and on calls

Lionwish’s Other Inetrnet Marketing Services

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